We bring beautiful breakthrough to your brand, from insight to execution.

In an age where users are spoiled for choice and overloaded with information, it is more essential than ever to define and distinguish your brand to maintain a competitive advantage. RISKYBRAND is a Japan-based multi-lingual brand strategy consultancy that has helped major domestic and international brands breakthrough the next level over the past two decades.

We seamlessly combine the skills of researchers, strategists and designers to provide clients with true insights and bring them to life.


We are a brand design firm with full marketing research capabilities

We believe that great branding cannot happen without a deep knowledge of your audience – what they like and are interested in. This is why we have developed our own in-house research system to provide psychographic intelligence that gives the knowledge to better position your brand and craft powerful messages. More info about MindVoice®

We design brands for the future

On the Japanese saturated, sophisticated market where big things of today are outdated tomorrow, capturing the long-term drivers of consumers behavior is vital to businesses growth and competitiveness. Trough proprietary longitudinal research system we build deep consumer insight and help client anticipate shifts in consumer demand or behavior.

We seek true insights

Because most decisions are driven by emotions rather than rational calculations, people can’t always accurately explain why they do what they do. Two decades of studying Japanese consumers has made us experts in decoding what they say to generate true insights.


We help you make the hard choices

Brand strategy is all about choices – who are your customers, what do they want and which needs will the company meet uniquely. Making tradeoffs and choosing what not to do is part of the work. We combine solid market research expertise with strategy to guide you through this critical process.

Simple questions solve complex problems

Why we are here / Where do we play / How do we do it
We want to get extremely clear about your target consumers, the problem they are experiencing and that you are trying to resolve. We help you stake out your battlefield and articulate a unique value proposition on your market.

What we should do / What we can do / What others do
Brand strategy is all about knowing yourself and your unique strengths, your audience and your competitors. When we look methodically at the intersection of those three, the solutions can actually show themselves quite readily.


We aim for game-changing design

A common misperception about design is that it only consists of a logo and decorative artwork, and that it only matters for big companies. We think that in a world of abundant choice, design is a critical value generator that drives conversion and growth.

Brilliant business strategy or even cutting edge functionality won’t make up for bad design. While good design..

– Builds emotional competitive advantage that is far less replicable than functional characteristics.
– Creates a consistent visual language that reinforce your presence in your customers’ mind.

We deliver world-class quality

Over the last two decades we have built up a reputation on delivering high standards of excellence as evidenced by the longevity of our client relations. We deliver the quality of a global firm with the flexibility and attention that you will only get from a small agency.


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RISKYBRAND is a Japan-based multi-lingual brand strategy consultancy that has helped major domestic and international brands breakthrough to the next level over the past two decades.

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