Terms of use

Terms of Use

Use of this Web site is contingent upon certain conditions. By accessing, reading, and using the site, visitors are considered to be in agreement with RiskyBrand, Inc. as regards these conditions. Visitors not wishing to read and abide by the conditions set forth here are requested not to use the site.

RiskyBrand may change these conditions without advance notice. Any such changes will be posted on this Web site. By accessing, reading, and using the site, visitors are indicating their agreement with the current conditions of this Web site, however they may have changed.


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Terms and Restrictions Pertaining to Professional Consulting and Business Services

Please note that RiskyBrand does not offer professional consulting or business services, advice on marketing management, branding, or design through this Web site. These are only obtainable by contract with RiskyBrand. Users should not make management, business, branding, or any other decisions bearing upon their own business based upon the contents of this site. Please be aware that this site may contain information that is not timely, complete, or substantiated.

A Warning Concerning Access to the RiskyBrand Company Web Site

Prevention of computer infection via access to this Web site is the responsibility of the user. RiskyBrand may, at its discretion, limit, change, or terminate access to the site and its use at any time.

Exemption from Liability

RiskyBrand makes no guarantees concerning the contents or functions of this Web site. RiskyBrand is exempted from liability for any claims related to the use of this site. Consequently, RiskyBrand will not be liable for any form of compensation due to loss related to the contents of this site; including direct loss, accompanied loss, indirect loss, or loss resulting from penalties or fines.

Links to Other Sites

RiskyBrand cannot guarantee the contents of any site accessed via links on its company Web site. Third party sites accessed in this manner are completely separate from and independent of RiskyBrand, and RiskyBrand bears no responsibility for the contents or function of such sites.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The laws of Japan are applicable to the use of this site. The Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the court of first jurisdiction regarding any dispute related to the company Web site.

In the event any article within these Terms of Use shall be deemed invalid, all other articles shall remain in effect.