Japan is a unique market with some difficult-to-grasp nuances. We are recognized for our emotional measurement capabilities that we combine with the skills of experimented strategists to deliver in-depth, actionable insights into the Japanese consumer mindset.
As a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), we follow the guidelines for high technical standards and professional ethics.


Our in-house psychographic profiling system. Studying personality, values, attitudes and lifestyles of the Japanese market since 2008.

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Meet advanced segmentation. Providing insights and catalyst for effective marketing strategies.

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Envisioning future market trends. Ensure your business stays relevant, keeping your audiences engaged.

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Bring customer profiling to life. Bridging gaps between consumer expectations and companies’ delivery.

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Generation Research

Changes in values by generations affect market trends. Generation research uncovers challengers for brands and businesses.

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Focus Group

A good conversation is worth its weight in gold. Get live responses and feedback for your product and services.

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Learn social interactions, behaviors, and perceptions that occur within organisations, and communities.

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Our services range from brand launch to repositioning, localization and maintenance. We package our team and approaches according to your business and linguistic needs, from strategy to execution.

Brand Strategy

Make an impression, be interesting, be convincing – just like a first date. Strategize to make people fall in love with your brand.

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The delicate art of finding compelling, trademarkable names. Engage and entice your customer with the right brand name.

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Brand Message

A brand’s voice communicated in a persuasive message that is concise, easy to understand and tells a story speaks volumes.

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Brand Logo

Humans judge people on first impression and its is no different for brands. Make yours positive and memorable.

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Look & Feel

Harmonize the voice and aesthetics of your brand to establish a distinct and recognizable visual language.

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Key Visual

Leverage the power of images that spark emotions and enhance brand recognition.

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Brand Voice

Learn how to select words and attitudes that convey your brand personality to your target audience.

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Customer Journey

A day in the life of your audience. Identify every experience your customers have with your brand.

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The corporate brand shapes the perception of an entire organization, not just of one product or service. It’s all about the company’ s reason for being, its culture and its soul. A strong, authentic corporate identity should communicate effectively your company’s purpose to your customers, investors and employees - and impact your bottom line positively.

Corporate Identity

Establish a strong presence with a uniquely tailored visual statement.

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Vision and Mission

Create meaning and clarity for all stakeholders.

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Craft and communicate your values to help your customers remember you effectively.

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Corporate Brand Style

A visual language that inspires, motivate and instill trust.

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Internal Branding

Connect employees with your brand for better understanding and focus.

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Employee Survey

Measure your employees engagement and motivations.

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Employee Focus Group

Harness your team’s collective intelligence to drive change.

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To succeed on the increasingly competitive B2B market and resist commoditization, companies should no longer rely solely on functionalities and price. Branding helps by transforming businesses into purpose-driven enterprises which leads to enhanced customers trust and protection from market fluctuations.

Technology Branding

Create an edge on competition with a brand promise that is authentic and resonates.

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B2B Branding

Build a sustainable competitive advantage thorough Business-to-Business branding.

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Brand Style System

A brand style guide facilitates memorable brands through consistency.

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