Also called `group interviews’, focus groups are a method to get firsthand insights and ideas from actual and potential customers.It is used to investigate how a brand or product is perceived by the audience, to understand a specific consumer behavior or simply get new ideas to improve the existing offering.

Group vs Individual interviews

Groups dynamics are highly powerful as a mechanism to help participants generate ideas in the exploration phase of a concept. Individual interviews will be better-suited when digging into individual decisions, or when the topic under investigation is highly sensitive.

Our approach

Our stand-out strength is to be able to select participants at a granular level using our in-house psychographic profiling system. MINDVOICE®
In the final report, that can be delivered both in Japanese and English, we arm you with strategically based recommendations, not just a summary of what we found, to provide in-depth, actionable insights.

A 4 steps process

  1. Planning : Definition of participants’ selection criteria, schedule and interview flow.
  2. Preparation: Moderator selection (in-house or outsourced), participants recruitment.
  3. Interview
  4. Report in 3 parts: Findings / Insight / Action plan.

Best for:

Brand perception analysis
Consumer needs assessment
Concept acceptance study
New product/ business idea generation