Our approach

At Riskybrand we see brand experience like a first date and our role is to help you to get a second one.

Branding is not just the look of your brand, it is all about how people see it and experience it.
The good news is, in business as in dating you don’t need to please everyone. The key is to target someone who could fall in love with you. What you consider a disadvantage can even play at your advantage if you present yourself appropriately to the appropriate person.

Make an Impression
Your first impression should be both memorable and reflecting who you are. To achieve this you need to be extremely clear about your position and express it in one core message to avoid leaving your consumer confused.

Be Interesting
Just as human interactions don’t stop with the first impression, a brand must show depth and meaning to gain consumers’ interest. We look at the intersection between what your customers care about and the values your brand can meaningfully stand for, to find out how they could fall in love with your brand.

Be Convincing
Without credibility, a brand is just another slogan that will quickly become irrelevant. Building credibility starts with identifying the features that would make your audience feel most comfortable in trusting you, and express them in both logical and emotional way. Here again, appropriate wording and visuals play an essential role.

So, would you date your brand?
If the answer is no, we’d love to help you revive the flame.


We make a point of conducting this foundational work in a collaborative style.
Our consultants work hand-in-hand with our customers trough regular workshops and feedback sessions, to help define together a unique value proposition that takes into account the company’s short and long term business goals .