Technological B2B owners tend to believe that good products alone are enough to win.However, customers do not always understand all the intricacies of the technologies they are buying. With scarce information in hand but big money at stake, buyers’ decisions are inevitably driven to some extent by gut feeling, guess and faith–areas that only branding can influence.

From raw material suppliers to tech startups, RISKYBRAND has helped numerous B2B organizations of any size to build trustworthy brands trough a unique approach :


No matter how complex your technology is, your brand promise should be crystal-clear. It should communicate your unique selling points trough simple ideas that are easy to wrap people’s mind around. Our experts help you to gauge this delicate balance between clarity and over-simplification, so that your customers spend less time guessing what you do and more time appreciating how you can help them.

Step back

Because it requires a honest and impartial look at your company, defining your brand on your own is challenging.Through a collaborative approach based on several workshops, we work together with our clients to extract the core ideas that effectively express their identity into a few words.


B2B businesses are formed by people and should therefore harness humans emotions. We help you to unleash the power of storytelling to bring a humanized touch that give buyers more reasons for trusting your company.