HAMANO total branding


HAMANO is a classic, long established handbag corporation founded in 1880, famous for presenting a gift to the late Princess Diana.
With the highly tuned skills garnered in their workshops located in the historic royal retreat area of Karuizawa, HAMANO is loved by many international celebrities. However, since the 80s, the brand has had to compete with many elite European brands. In order to raise their competitive presence, HAMANO underwent complete branding in 2009.


RISKYBRAND was entrusted with the development of a comprehensive branding and creative direction. The ideas and skills HAMANO has cultivated were focused into the keywords “Global Exclusive Luxury.” RISKYBRAND also aided in renewing the brand logo to reflect their new image, and in developing their website.


Through a lineup marrying their classical image with cutting edge design, HAMANO has acquired a new affluent clientele, in addition to international celebrities.

Work Scope:
Brand reproduction program
Target customer analysis
CI (corporate identity)
Communication design

ClientHAMANO Inc.
PartnerJose Aragon