Work Scope

・Logotype creation
・Icon creation
・Communication tool design


tryme AB, founded in 2014 in Sweden, provides an online app and software. Its tryme® app was launched on Apple’s App Store in December 2015.
Users download the app, enter their age, gender and address, and receive free items from shops and restaurants partnered with tryme AB. They also rate the shop or restaurant when using the app.
The establishments can freely choose the content and length of their campaigns and receive user feedback, making the app useful for mobile marketing and market research, while users get to try things for free.

Expressing Sweden’s refinement and the app’s ease of use

We were involved in this project from the app’s planning stage. tryme® is a free app, but rather than emphasize the free aspect, we chose to use gray as the main color and light tones as the sub-colors to present a high-class, high-quality image. This matched the simple functionality and easy, enjoyable use of the tryme® app.
Tryme AB
Tryme AB
Tryme AB

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