Work Scope

・Company name development
・Emblem/logo design
・Corporate message development
・Communication design


BayCurrent Consulting, Inc.


Corporate Branding with change of the company name (2006~2007)


BayCurrent Consulting is an integrated IT solution corporation, developing administration and IT related consulting system solutions, as well as outsourcing works.
Formerly PC-WORKS Inc., the company was established in 1998. Based on their standout solution skills, the company grew rapidly, and in order to further raise their brand value, the company underwent corporate branding, and changed their name in 2007.


Based on internal interviews with the top management, RISKYBRAND aided in the development of their new name, “BayCurrent Consulting” – reflective of their strong conviction to “gather top value-added intelligence to always bring forth new trends” – as well as in the development of a new design for their new identity.


BayCurrent Consulting, Inc. has grown tremendously, and raised its social value.

ClientBayCurrent Consulting, Inc.