dynabook brand renewal


The dynabook is one of the backbones of Toshiba’s PC enterprise. Since entering the market in 1989, it has been a top PC brand highly endorsed by many consumers.
Since the late 90s, with the increase in competition due to the popularization of PCs and the permeation of broadband, the structure of the market has changed completely. The dynabook brand had the perfect opportunity to preempt this change to evolve and strengthen their brand.


RISKYBRAND analyzed the market structure through a thorough research of the market, including quantified and qualitative research. Together with the working team, we aided in the development of a new market strategy, brand positioning, brand logo renewal, and strategic model development.


On January 1, 2003, the strategic model embodying their new concept (dynabook C7) was revealed. The dynabook C7 became a leader in the explosively popular WHITE PC trend, and contributed to the rise of the corporation’s shares.
The Toshiba notebook was awarded the top prize in the BCN Ranking, notebook category, for three years running. The dynabook has firmly established its position in the market, and continues to evolve and grow.

Work Scope:
Segmentation based on quantitative Research
Needs search through the focus group
Market strategy
Product design
Logo design
Communication design