Work Scope

・Design of emblem
・Service brand logo design
・VI development including color strategy
・Design guideline


mynavi corporate branding(2006~)


MYNAVI is a human resource information portal brand operated by Mainichi Communications. They are a leading human resource information portal well known for their graduate recruitment, and MYNAVI career change commercials.

The human resource information portal service market is growing at an exponential rate, and is also a very competitive market. The corporation underwent a branding project to build on the know-how they had so far garnered, and to catapult them into the position of a top brand in the industry. They focused on converging the many human resource information service operations that had been constructed into a single brand.


RISKYBRAND aided in the development of an integrated visual identity, including the logo design of the main “MYNAVI” service, as well as logo design for each of their brand lineup. The new “MY NAVI” human resource information portal service brand was released in March, 2007.


“MYNAVI” rapidly raised its recognition factor, and continues to grow as one of the top integrated human resource information portal brands.

ClientMynavi Corporation