Work Scope

・Quantitative/qualitative research
・Support of corporate philosophy development
・Corporate message development
・Logo design/VI development
・Communication design


Nomura Real Estate Group is one of Japan’s top corporate groups developing integrated real estate enterprises. With cutting edge planning and the group’s combined power, it is a unique leader in Japan’s real estate industry.
Nomura Real Estate Group became a holding company in 2004. With its new structure, the company underwent the adoption of a new group identity.


hrough employee surveys and discussion with project members, RISKYBRAND aided in establishing a corporate group ideal, and in constructing an integral visual image – including the development of a group symbol.


The group was listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October, 2006, and a new group identity was announced. Based on the group message, “Bringing Tomorrow Today,” Nomura Real Estate Group made a brand new start, and is a unique corporate group that continues to grow.

ClientNomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.