Total branding for Otto(2006~2008)


Otto Japan is a leading company, founded in 1986 as a corporate joint venture between the world famous mail-order company OTTO (GmbH & Co KG) and Sumitomo Corporation (today OTTO is the 100% shareholder). Many consumers have patronized the fashion and lifestyle Otto Japan sells since the company’s foundation.
The permeation of the internet has brought great change to companies like Otto Japan, which center around catalogue marketing. The company underwent a process of integrated branding in 2006.


Through market research, employee surveys, and discussions between project members, RISKYBRAND aided in formulating a new business vision, constructing an integrated visual image including a new corporate logo design, and in developing a wide variety of branding designs.


Based on the message, “dress your life,” the newly reborn Otto Japan has accumulated new consumers, and has continued to grow tremendously.

Work Scope:
Brand strategy
Logo design
Brand message development
Communication design

ClientOtto Japan Inc. (formerly Otto-Sumisho Inc.)