The challenge

Star Channel is a Japanese movie cable channel broadcasting foreign movies ranging from Hollywood block busters to European auteur films, on 3 channels, 24 hours.
Since its foundation in 1986, it laid a firm position as a top pay satellite TV through BS/CS/CATV.
Our task was to reshape the company’s visual identity into a distinct, recognizable brand able to compete on a market crowded with similar service providers.

Our approach

Based on target insights uncovered trough several quantitative studies, we redefined Star Channel value proposition around the idea of ‘premium movies for a premium life ‘, positioning the brand as the leading western movies provider.
We translated the new concept into a visual and verbal universe enhanced with an original font, STAR CENTRAL AVENUE, and original PUSH symbol.
The tagline, `In Love with Movies’, highlights the company ‘s commitment to provide qualitative foreign movie of all genres.

Work Scope:
Brand strategy(quantitative analysis,group interview)
Brand guidelines(VI elements、VI guidelines、design template)
Brand logo(corporate logo、channel logo)
Brand message development(In Love with Movies. Star Channel)
Creative development(original font、Original symbol)

Original Typeface StudioMakgill, Inc.