Work Scope

・Brand strategy(quantitative analysis,group interview)
・Brand guidelines(VI elements、VI guidelines、design template)
・Brand logo(corporate logo、channel logo)
・Brand message development(In Love with Movies. Star Channel)
・Creative development(original font、Original symbol)

The challenge

Star Channel is a Japanese movie cable channel broadcasting foreign movies ranging from Hollywood block busters to European auteur films, on 3 channels, 24 hours.
Since its foundation in 1986, it laid a firm position as a top pay satellite TV through BS/CS/CATV.
Our task was to reshape the company’s visual identity into a distinct, recognizable brand able to compete on a market crowded with similar service providers.

Our approach

Based on target insights uncovered trough several quantitative studies, we redefined Star Channel value proposition around the idea of ‘premium movies for a premium life ‘, positioning the brand as the leading western movies provider.
We translated the new concept into a visual and verbal universe enhanced with an original font, STAR CENTRAL AVENUE, and original PUSH symbol.
The tagline, `In Love with Movies’, highlights the company ‘s commitment to provide qualitative foreign movie of all genres.
Star Channel
Star Channel

Original Typeface StudioMakgill, Inc.